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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Use of RedirectMatch 301 directive in htaccess.


Use of  RedirectMatch 301 directive in htaccess.

To redirect more than a single page using htaccess, you can use the "RedirectMatch 301" directive, which allows you to specify directory matching patterns using regular expressions.

Here  301 redirect is a permanent redirect method which passes between 90-99% of  ranking power to the new redirected page and (?i) signifies case insensitivity .

Point to remember:

1. (?i) starts case-insensitive mode
    (?-i) turns off case-insensitive mode

2.  /directory/cart   This is the directory which i am redirecting . When this directory structure will occur in url , page will be redirected to stated page.

3.   http://localhost/directory2?   This is my new address where i want page to be redirected.